Harp Workshops (In Person)

The two in person workshops will be facilitated by harpists Anne-Marie O’Farrell and Catriona McKay. Minimum 2 years playing experience is required. Student standards will be assess according at registration and they will be assigned a class. Registration is from 9:30am at Nuala’s Bar & Restaurant. The workshops will take place from 10:30am to 12:30pm.

Fiddle & Concertina Workshops (In Person)

These workshops will be run by tutors Rebecca McCarthy-Kent & Susan Coleman. They are aimed at students who have a minimum of 2 years playing experience. Registration is from 9:30am at Nuala’s Bar & Restaurant. The workshops will take place from 10:30am-12:30pm.

Harp Online Workshop

Tutor Niamh O’Brien do an online workshop on Sunday 15th of May from 2pm-3pm. This workshop is aimed at an intermediate level. The lesson will be pre-recorded and you will have access to it for two days after the festival which will enable the students to work through the material at their leisure. Niamh will cover two tunes in this workshop: “Spórt” by Peadar O’ Riada, and the contemporary piece “Song of the Sea” by Lisa Hannigan which featured in the Irish animated movie of the same name. In teaching these two tunes she will explore approaches to arrangement and provide tools which allow any harp player to arrange pieces themselves at home.

‘Minding Your Music’ with Cli Donnellan

Have you invested a lot of time practicing your music repertoire and technique yet feel you efforts are not reflected in your playing and enjoyment of your music?  Do you ever feel anxious or tense while playing? Do you play ok at home alone and struggle while playing in public?  These are just some of the questions that will be discussed at the ‘Minding Your Music workshop on Sunday 15th May, 2022.

Having experienced many of the above struggles herself during her musical journey, in 2010 Cli began to research ways that could improve her own musical experience.  In 2018 Cli completed a Ph.D. in Philosophy through music.  This body of research looked specifically at how we can enhance our connection to/and music expression thereby elevating our enjoyment and performance experience.

Playing our music at its best does not just involve good technical practice routines, it also involves developing good mind practices.  We invest endless hours learning repertoire, technical skills and physical practice with our music, yet the development of a healthy mindset to support our musical progress is often not looked at.

This workshop is suited to adults only who have been playing music for a significant length of time, whether amateur or semi-professional.  Over the two hour workshop we will blast through some written exercises that will establish our current practice routines and self perceptions of ourselves as musicians.  We will also engage with some practical exercises with your instrument.  The process will require diving  deep into any areas of negative beliefs about the ‘sound’ of your music as well as any habits that may be affecting your progress.  Once identified, this workshop aims to provide positive practical tools that you can incorporate into your physical practice moving forward with new targets and goals set in motion.

Our music is an extension of ourselves.  To connect and express it at its best requires a healthy, focused mind/body practice.

Requirements:  Your instrument, note pad, pen/pencils.